Pregnancy Test Accuracy

Though a home pregnancy test is quick and easy to find out if you are indeed pregnant you have to make sure of the accuracy of your test. This is a highly crucial period for the women who are striving to get pregnant and if the test result proves inaccurate it could really be disastrous for the person who is taking the test.

Initially when the result comes positive for pregnancy the woman concerned who has been waiting anxiously to get pregnant would be delighted and extremely elated but later on when it turns out that this has been an inaccurate result it would throw her into a fit of despair. So, before one goes ahead to take a pregnancy test at home it is advisable to learn a few facts in this regard to take the test as prescribed and avoid wrong results and disappointments.

First let us see how accurate tests are

Research conducted on this tells us that the tests are close to 97% accurate. There are instances when false positives occur but on very rare occasions. And the accuracy of these tests vary from woman to woman.

Several women complain that the home pregnancy test has given them wrong results misleading them but they do not realize that this could be due to non compliance of the given instructions. Let us see what the recommended instructions are for taking the pregnancy test at home.

Recommended instructions

Testing before periods is not recommended; for reliable results the test should be taken after the last period is due.

Negative results that later on proved to be positive that shows faint line on pregnancy test would not be due to a faulty product but because the test was taken too early.

So, what is the best time to go for the test? Most tests promise accurate results just six days after ovulation but most accurate tests are those that detect pregnancy around 14 days after ovulation. Even women who have very regular menstrual cycle should wait at least for one week after the period has fallen due and then go for the test, and the result is sure to be accurate. Women who are dying to know if they have succeeded in getting pregnant are impatient and do not wait for the prescribed time and later fret due to inaccurate results.

And again accuracy of the test also depends a great deal on the ovulation cycle, how sensitive your test is and also the amount of hCG in your urine at the time of testing.

What affects the accuracy of a pregnancy test?

The type of body you posses has a big influence on the accuracy of the pregnancy test for you. The test mainly detects the hCG present in your urine. This is what is referred to as the pregnancy hormone.

As soon as the fertilized egg implants into your uterus your body begins to secrete this hormone. And once the egg is fertilized it takes about a week to travel down the fallopian tubes into the uterus at times getting there faster and at times a little slower.

The average date of ovulation in most women with a 28 day cycle is 14 days from the first day of the last period and this could be the most probable date your egg has been released enabling the egg to fertilize it. But some could ovulate earlier than this and some later. If your body ovulates later than the expected date it takes longer for the egg to reach the uterus and when you take a test before this time it could show a negative result though it is actually positive.

Planning on getting pregnant is a very important decision and women who are trying are very impatient and give in to temptation of going in for the home pregnancy test a little too early and feel heart broken when the result is not positive.

If you have a highly regular menstrual cycle and missed your period or if you are having slight morning sickness or even if your breasts begin to feel sore it is most likely that you are pregnant. You feel like rushing to the doctor to hear the exciting news, but before this it is good to take a home pregnancy test and later see a doctor.

You don’t need to worry if you wait till the recommended time to go for the test, good luck to you!

Left Field

Sometimes, it’s healthy to forget the slack-jawed dregs out in right field and give your mind something good to eat. Something different. Something inconsequential. Something that will make you realize there are more important things in life than sports. That said, this page is dedicated to bringing you
writings of a different sort. Funny, quirky little stories that will be worth the read more times than not. At least that’s the plan. So sit back, relax, and get
some damn culture already.


Q: Dear British Baseball Chick, do you feel that the death of the Queen Mum will signal the end of “Da Hex” for the Cubs? -Luis

A: Dear Right Field Sucks fan, I’m not quite sure what you mean by “Da Hex,” but I assume you are talking about their losing streak? Not too sure what the old Queen Mum (God rest her soul) has to do with that, but who knows? Maybe she will help to spread a bit of luck across the Atlantic to good old Chicago.

Sam The British Baseball Chick

You know it’s sad to say, but there are a lot of people making some good money this year due to her death. I don’t know if anyone in the States would bet because I’m not sure if anyone cares, but I know that over here, there are bets every New Year that this will be the one where she finally kicks the bucket. There were even rumours going around she was already dead and they had got some Madame Tussauds set up going on and just gave her wax work a moving arm so she could still wave. But, alas, she was alive for a whole 102 years (almost) and this time it was not an April fools day joke on the part of the newscasters in the British Media. They got their facts right this time. You know I often get asked questions in America about the Royal family and the truth is, no one is too bothered anymore. People my age are pretty indifferent. They are just there for show and entertainment and so the tabloids have something extra to put in their papers.

But anyway let’s hope it does signal the end of a losing streak, either way I’m sure that there will be a large intake of beer whether it gets better or worse, but really what would I know?

Living in a cold-weather climate like that of Chicago’s generally doesn’t allow its residents to do a variety of things. Tops on that list is outdoor people-watching.

Now some might think this is a bad thing. Not me. I’d be happier not seeing the bloated gut of some 34-year-old from Schaumburg, let alone that of her husband. Dude, you’re pale and chubby. Leave the tank top at home at least until you’ve gotten some sun and lost that protective blubber.

Then you’ve got the people who try to make up for five months of lack of sun and neglect on their bodies in one afternoon. Yup, they jog from Irving Park Road all the way down to the Hancock Building, only to realize they forgot their wallet, and thus have no ride home for their fat, exhausted New Balance-clad rear. See them out later that night waiting in line at Barleycorn and not only are they wheeling an oxygen tank behind them, but an unsightly raccoon-like tan left behind by their sweet-ass pair of Gargoyles.

My favorite has to the be the people who got crazy tattoos over the winter and have been dying since that drunken hazy night in Cicero to show them off. What do they do? They bust out the turquoise tank top and other ridiculous staples in their summer wardrobe that reveal their tacky body art. Just today I saw a guy with “Trust no bitch” inked in the back of his neck. The motives for this are beyond me, but I wasn’t intrigued enough to ask the guy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no GQ. I’m often told I should ditch my orange Holland 2000 soccer jersey. I also get odd stares when I wear my Blatz beer t-shirt to Jewel. My fashion sense might be a bit dull, but it’s not gaudy. That’s what you see in the Right Field bleachers. It’s home of bad hair, nasty women, bloated toddlers and “No Mercy” tattoos. That’s one of many reasons I sit in Left.

By Random Guy
I think I’d be a good weight loss instructor. I really do. Mostly because people never say they want to trim some fat off their neck or lose those little ruffles of flab inside their elbows. They’re much more vague about the whole thing; they’re just looking to drop ten or fifteen pounds. That’s easy, I’d say, looking them up and down. Your left foot looks like it weighs about eight pounds, how about we lop that off for you? Now all you have to do is decide which kidney you want removed and you’ve achieved your goal.

Canned food drives. They mean well, but I can’t help but wonder how many homeless people are walking around with can openers in their pockets? And if they’re not, do we really want to make it even harder for them to enjoy a meal? They’re homeless for Christ’s sake. Here you go Boxcar Joe, a can of delicious snow peas. Now all you have to do is find a way to pry open the metal, tamper-proof container.

Where does the term “handyman” come from? Europe? Was there some French guy going around fixing everybody’s toilets and installing new windows? And if so, did he have huge hands?

I love baseball. Pitching, hitting it’s all good. The only part I don’t get is why they make the managers wear uniforms. Do we really need to see fat old men squeezed into tight pants and short sleeve shirts? I’m just glad NBA coaches don’t have to dress like the players. The last thing I need to see is George Karl in a tank top and shorts.

The biggest problem with society, in my mind, is the “stuff.” Now, I’m not talking about materialism. If you want a 20-foot boat or a new pair of diamond-encrusted shoes, that’s just fine by me. But why do you have three cabinets packed full of plastic grocery bags? What are you saving them for? The great grocery bag shortage of 2008? I think people who have more than twenty of those bags in their home should be forced to use at least five per day. We need the Bag Patrol going door to door. I’m sorry Mr. Johnson, but I’m going to have to confiscate that new leather briefcase. Yeah, you’ll be going to the interview with one of those Piggly Wiggly bags instead. Good luck.

To me, diet soda is the greatest invention in American history. It allows people to feel good about themselves when they have two Big Macs, a large fry and an apple pie for lunch. Right, those 90 calories you just saved with the Diet Coke should keep your fat ass from expanding. How’s that salad with half a cup of Ranch dressing, by the way?

By Kerry
Admit it – sometimes, amidst all the bitter ranting, the drunken heckling, and the “Sheffield this, Bonds that and don’t even get me started on the fucking Cardinals” vitriol spewing, you get a little tired of the bleakness of your soul. You want a little relief in your life. You want, dare I say it, to laugh with someone and not at them.

It’s time for a little proselytizing because I’ve seen the way to lightness, my friends, and it is – The Rookie. Yes, the Disney movie version of Tampa Bay Devil Ray’s relief pitcher Jim Morris who traveled from Texas high school science teacher obscurity to the majors, all on a dare by his high school players and, oh yeah, his smokin’ 98 mph fastball.

Dennis Quaid’s body double’s silhouette.

I know, I know, I was prepared to hate it too. And I’m not going to kid you – there’s some sap, some overly dramatic shots, and too many quick-witted,  emotionally precocious children for my taste. Even if it weren’t true, you would always know he was going to make the majors because hey, this is a Disney movie and the world always works out perfectly for the relentlessly unhip movie star.

But despite all of this, you love it anyway. Maybe it’s the fact that remained surprisingly true to Morris’s impossible story. Maybe it’s that Dennis Quaid has finally become a real man and is completely likeable and humble. But I don’t think so. No, I think the movie will please each and every baseball fan because it’s honest and hopeful and earnest, and it makes you truly believe in second chances, in fairy tale endings, and in the joy of the sport. And at the end of the day, isn’t that why we love baseball?

Believe me – suck it up and go see it. Take your girlfriend, borrow a kid, hell, just sit next to a family if you feel embarrassed about being such a manly man in a Disney movie. I dare you to try to resist the good nature of this movie. And when you find yourself rooting for the underdog, holding your breath on the final pitch, and smiling at the saw-it-coming-from-a-mile-away ending, well, it’s okay. It’ll be our secret.

Cortisol Production and Cushing’s Hormone Disorder

Cushing’s syndrome can be a medical disorder due to hormonal dysfunction especially chronic exposure of the cells within the body to high amounts of cortisol. Cortisol is famous for adding fat in certain areas like the abdomen. Hypercortisolism typically affects individuals between 20 to 50 years old and is uncommon.

Frequent symptoms caused Cushing’s syndrome and by hypercortisolism are:

  • Weight gain especially in the abdomen
  • Full and round face, usually called moon face
  • Backache, that might be imputed to taking the weight in front that is excess
  • Head Aches
  • Skin infections that are excessive
  • Tiredness and weakness
  • Fat collection between shoulders, usually attributed as a buffalo hump
  • Stretch marks or purple stripes to the skin like abdomen, breasts and thighs
  • Thirst and urination that is increased
  • Cessation of menstrual cycle

Some individuals who take steroids like Prednisone over a long period time grow Cushing’s syndrome, while it is developed by some people due to an elevated number of cortisol being created within their bodies.

Cortisol production begins from the hypothalamus delivering a corticotropin-releasing hormone towards the pituitary gland, then your pituitary gland releases another hormone called an adrenocorticotropin hormone which stimulates the adrenal glands after which they launch the hormone cortisol in to the body. When the quantity of cortisol hormone in the bloodstream has already been standard the hypothalamus and pituitary can release quite little of these hormones, which makes sure the cortisol which is generated by the adrenals is only enough to satisfy the needs of the body rather than too large of an amount.

A tumor within the pituitary gland may be the number 1 cause for Cushing’s syndrome. Adrenal tumors are called adrenal adenomas and are generally not malignant. Cancerous tumors of the adrenal glands is more unusual.

Some tumors can occur outside the pituitary gland which can create ACTH. This disorder is known as ectopic ACTH syndrome, tumors producing this disorder could be malignant or benign.

Some people who’ve inherited disorders including increased dangers for endocrine tumors might be predisposed to build up Cushing’s syndrome, although most instances of the disorder called Cushing’s isn’t inherited.

Analyzing lab reports, the patient’s entire medical history and physical examination does diagnosing Cushing’s. Xrays of the patient’s glands like adrenal can be helpful with diagnosing and showing any tumors.

The disease connected and can also be led with Cushing’s such as cholesterol levels, diabetes, hypertension and abnormal triglycerides and polycystic ovarian disease.

Treatment is determined by the reason that may contain from removal of tumors to cortisol drugs to inhibit the creation of the hormone and caused the disorder. When the cause of Cushing’s is related to over-use of steroids like Prednisone, decrease of the drug may be enough to restrain the Cushing’s disorder.

A change in a label will not change drug’s harmful affects

Dr. Alise Reicin, vice president of Merck’s clinical research made an incredible comment during recent testimony in a Vioxx trial. The federal trial involving the makers of the drug, Merk, has outside consultants pitted against company representatives regarding opinions of whether the drug should have been removed from the market for inducing heart attacks. ”The overwhelming majority thought we should have Vioxx on the market but change the label; we elected to be very conservative and take Vioxx off the market,” Reicin testified, adding that she still does not believe Vioxx causes heart attacks.

That statement in likely of little comfort to Evelyn Irvin Plunkett who is suing the drug maker over her husband’s death. Richard ”Dicky” Irvin died in 1991 after taking the drug for only one month.

There was evidence that Vioxx caused heart attacks long before it was marketed to the public. The fact that Dr. Reicin can make such a statement is a stunning example of just how greedy large drug companies have become.

Women need to protect hearts early in life

Despite the fact that most studies seem to focus on men’s increased risks of heart disease, women would do well to try to prevent it too. And just as drinking tons of milk during menopause probably won’t reduce your risks of osteoporosis, physicians are now telling us we need to think about our hearts early in life, too.

I don’t think I can emphasize this enough. This particular study shows that stress can reduce estrogen levels; this process contributes to “a buildup of plaque in the blood vessels.” However, the damage can be reversed by reducing stress. I wonder if this is part of the reason exercise has so many health benefits. Sometimes, I can be wound up like a top, and I need a long run to relax me just so I can function properly. I hate to think of the damage to my blood vessels if I didn’t have that.

Spring Time in Texas

Finally we got lots of rain and then some sun and the plants have kind of exploded on us. Perfect timing too as Race For the Cure is this weekend and our after race party is going to be held in the back yard. I took some pics of our lovely plants. We start on the front porch with this awesome red plant I bought from the horticulture dept at school. Then there is our frog and his flowers. And finally these guys are doing great there on the front porch. The back yard is looking good too. If you look close you can our first peach. This is a pic of the rose in the back. We planted tomatoes, onions, cilantro and jalapenos in the garden this year. We call it our “salsa” garden. Last but not least, our red oak we planted two years ago is doing very well.


This may be too much information for some of you but i finally lost a toenail. It feels much better but not too attractive in sandals! It is almost a relief so i can start growing a new one. Wonder if it will come back another color or texture as my hair did after the first time i lost it?!?! It really freaked my four year old out (the nail loss) but we had a great lesson about regrowth. Just like a teacher to make it a learning experience.

Fashion Cowboy Boots – Selecting The Right Pair For You: Some Beneficial Points

In previous few months the popularity for women to wear fashion cowboy boots is growing. In several instances this is because they’ve found their favorite celebrity wearing a pair for example Jessica Simpson. Nevertheless, although you need a pair of cowboy boots that seem hip and fashionable you must also make sure that the ones you get are not comfortless. Below we offer some directions that may be certain you get this kind of pair of boots for you.

Trick 1 Verify the boots are made so the ones which are produced from leather, snake, ostrich, and snake or crocodile skin need to be viewed using the finest quality materials potential. These not only seem not common but over time you’ll discover the substance helps to conform to the contour of your foot. So over time you’ll discover wearing the incredibly relaxing.

Tip 2 Next you must look carefully at how high up the leg the shank component of the boot goes. The calf must be considered for a girl subsequently selecting boots where the shank simply goes up to just under. A girl will discover that just under won’t cut to the thighs around the ones where the shank was made to cover the calf completely along with supplying the appropriate level of support.

Tip 3 in regards to fashion cowboy boots that are buying take a look at if they include pointed or round toes. If you’re trying by wearing yours with some of a long flowing skirt or jeans to dress in a more conventional system, then choose the toy kind that is pointed. But if you would like to create more of the declaration by wearing yours with assume short pants or a short dress then look at a pair with rounded toes.

Fashionable womens cowboy boots’ approval is defined to remain around to get quite quite a long time so getting time to choose the appropriate pair can pay down within the long term.

Phentermine side effects

Phentermine is needed, in combination with exercise and dieting, to assist you lose weight. It operates by reducing the urge for food. Medicines is oftentimes recommended pertaining to various other utilizes; consult your physician or pharmacologist for more info. Acquire Phentermine about A half-hour one hours prior to dinner. Should you be taking Apettite supressant once daily, carry the dose each and every morning.

Since Phentermine has several side effects it might cause sleep problems, avoid getting a dose delayed inside the day time. Get the last dosage involving Phentermine at least four to several hours before bedtime. Acquire medicines seeing that given. Don’t take such this more regular or even more than directed. In most cases considered regarding 8-12 several weeks. Use within conjunction with some other diet pill medicines are normally not advised. Talk to your physician before these utilize. Blurry perspective, faintness, dry mouth, sleeplessness, depression, tummy upset or irregularity may well arise the first days to weeks because your body sets on the prescription medication.

If perhaps these types of outcomes continue or perhaps come to be annoying, educate medical professional. Inform your doctor in the event you expertise: chest pain, stress and anxiety, thumping cardiovascular, problem you have to pee, feelings changes, , etc ., puffiness. Possibly various other side effects unlisted earlier mentioned, call your health practitioner or even apothecary.

Overdose signs or symptoms might include dilemma, diarrhea, a feeling of sickness, rapid inhaling and exhaling, restlessness, tummy cramps, tremor, vomiting. If perhaps overdose is definitely suspected, contact your community pollute manage core or even er immediately. Educate doctor of your respective finish track record, specifically if you possess: blood pressure, a over-active hypothyroid, glaucoma, type 2 diabetes, psychological complications. This medication can be addictive and should supply together with warning. Liquor can certainly enhance uncomfortable side effects involving wooziness.

Restriction drinking alcohol. Prescription drugs needs to be applied only when obviously essential while being pregnant. Examine the chance in addition to rewards using your doctor. This medication could be passed directly into breast whole milk. You might need to quit breastfeeding or perhaps end employing this drug. Confer with your medical doctor before breast-feeding. Inform your doctor with regards to all of the remedies you employ, (health professional prescribed in addition to over the counter) particularly if you take: Dexfenfluramine, fenfluramine, furazolidone, or even MAOIs (at the.gary the gadget guy., phenelzine) because the probability of critical unwanted side effects, like growing frustration, high blood pressure, sluggish hear trate, improved temperatures, and also lethal lung issues, could possibly be improved.

Tell your medical doctor associated with This particular reuptake inhibitors (e.h., fluoxetine) because the potential for his or her side effects could be enhanced by Phentermine; Guanadrel or maybe guanethidine since their usefulness may be decreased simply by Phentermine. Avoid “stimulant” medicines which will raise your heartbeat for instance decongestants or perhaps caffeinated drinks.

Decongestants are commonly seen in over-the-counter cough-and-cold medications. Tend not to start off or maybe halt almost any drugs with no doctor or perhaps pharmacy technicians acceptance. In the event you overlook any dosage of Phentermine, take it as quickly as possible. If it is soon after 10 PM and you’re simply acquiring Apettite supressant One time daily, as well as soon after Four Evening and you’re getting this greater than One time a day, miss the particular skipped dose in addition to return to your family dosing agenda.

Don’t take Two dosage amounts. Keep Phentermine at area heat range, in between Fifty nine along with Seventy seven diplomas M (15 as well as 20 levels G), in a very closely closed down pot. Store clear of high temperature, dampness, and light. Tend not to retail store inside bathroom. Hold Phentermine out of your reach of kids and clear of pets.

Resources on Stem Cell Therapy

National Institutes of Health Resource for Stem Cell Research

The National Institutes of Health forms part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; the primary Federal agency for conducting and supporting medical research. The Resource for Stem Cell Research provides a large database of information on stem cells including FAQ’s, a glossary, tools, downloads as well as policy, basics and research information.

International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR)

The ISSCR works to exchange information on stem cells and educate the public in all areas of stem cell research and application. The ISSCR Patient Handbook on Stem Cell Therapies The ISSCR has created a handbook to help patients and their families evaluate stem cell treatments they may be considering.


PubMed comprises more than 20 million citations for biomedical literature from Medline, life science journals, and online books.

National Marrow Donor Program

The NMDP maintains an international registry of donors for all sources of blood stem cells used in transplantation: bone marrow, peripheral blood, and umbilical cord blood. Their “Be The Match Registry” has 8 million donors and more than 160,000 searchable cord blood units.

Stem Cell Research The IMANA Perspective

Download the Islamic Medical Association of North America Ethics Committee’s perspective on Stem Cell Research here (download PDF).

Network Members Resources

Our Network Members gain access to additional resources such as Published Papers, Stem Cell Guidelines and Special Reports.

About HIC

It started with curiosity & concern

Although we’ve really started up as a business more recently, yet we’ve been around for so much longer than that. I’ve been working on these recipes and ingredients for as a long as my children have been around and I realised like all mothers just how much they love chocolate and I have always wondered why we deny them what they so love?

Study & research

And as I traveled around the world I saw that some really healthy people are neither afraid nor out of balance about chocolate, they enjoy it and it works well for them… and that made me want to do some research on the benefits of chocolate myself and believe me there is quite a sizable list of Health benefits in a chocolate.

Sharing with the world

And so we really do wish to share all these great concoctions and recipes that can make a chocolate truly wholesome and healthy – and thats why Health in a Chocolate !!! So the next time you eat Chocolate, you can eat it with absolutely no underlying worry about weight, health or tooth decay, in fact you might find that with all of these concerns at bay you will probably for the first time in many years Really really enjoy a chocolate completely!

Health Benefits

AT HIC We Know That Health Is Everyone’s Concern And We Promote Healthier Choices Everytime …Studies Show That Eating A Small Amount Of Dark Chocolate Two Or Three Times Each Week Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure. Dark Chocolate Improves Blood Flow And May Help Prevent The Formation Of Blood Clots. Eating Dark Chocolate May Also Prevent Arteriosclerosis (Hardening Of The Arteries).

At HIC Each Chocolate Is Made With Years Of Thought, Love And Experience To Ensure That You Get The Maximum Benefit Of Chocolate In Each Bite!!! So The Next Time You’re Looking For A Healthy Snack – Think About Some Dark Chocolate…
Enjoy All The Antioxidant Properties That Nature Has Wrapped Into Chocolate So Perfectly And Add To Your Youth And Happiness Quotient…

The Reason Why Cocoa And Dark Chocolate Pack Such A Punch Is Because The Antioxidants Are So Concentrated. Antioxidants Help Free Your Body Of Free Radicals, Which Cause Oxidative Damage To Cells. Free Radicals Are Implicated In The Aging Process And May Be A Cause Of Cancer, So Eating Antioxidant Rich Foods Like Dark Chocolate Can Protect You From Many Types Of Cancer And Slow The Signs Of Aging.

For that special occasion

We all have those special occasions or may be some one special. For those special moments and people we would love to create something different and memorable for you to box up these healthy treats in.We have a team of associates that will work on a package concpet that is specially for you or may be for that spcecial wedding or anniversary that means so much to you.

Ofcourse Diwali, Ganpati, Christmas, we have endless reasons to celebrate in India
So add that color, idea and that special touch to your invitations or announcements or celebrations with a spceially done chocolate box… We can also use custom ingredients and moulds to make it that much more exclusive and memorable for you!!! So just call and let’s talk about it :-)

Ordering and stocking

While your orders are welcome at any time and for all occasions and reasons and we do keep ourselves marginally well stocked almost always, yet we hope that you can give us a few days to deliver the order.Our chocolates are created from scratch and the ingredients are always fresh and we choose to keep it that way, which is why we need that extra time and we don’t retail for the same reason.

Please note that HIC is really custom made and home made, fresh and healthy chocolate, the chocolates must be consumed within a week’s time and orders must be placed in advance so we can give you the best home made chocolates.
Call us 3 days in advance for a minimum order of upto 2 kg’s